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We believe triathlon is more than just three sports. It's a healthy, fulfilling way of life! Come join us at our monthly happy hour or one of our training sessions to find out why we are a great community.

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    • 12/09/2014
    • 12/31/2015
    • Online

    Register yourself for the first ATC Membership Charity Lottery!

    Our club is all about giving back to our local community through charitable donations, and now we can support our membership who are doing the same thing!

    Entry Rules:


    • Any active ATC member can register to participate in the charity support lottery. Registration gets a member 2 chances to win $50 each. (There is NO cost to register, it's FREE to our existing members)

    • If the lottery winner has a lapsed membership at the time they “win” they are not eligible to receive the funding.  
    • At any point in time a member can enter the lottery, however they may only “win” a total of $100 per year. 
    • Lottery Registration is open  from January 1st to December 1st 

    • Lottery "winnings" may  go to any 501(c)3 charity. The event/race must be a swim, bike, run, triathlon, or  duathlon event.

    • We prefer to pay the winnings directly to the charity, but  can also send checks directly to members. 

    2014  Annual Allocation (total purse): $1,200

    Number of Prizes to be awarded: 24; each award $50

    Monthly Drawing to Identify Winners:

    Each registrant will be given two lottery tickets into a container. Once a month, at  an ATC board meeting or another ATC event where at least 3 board members are present, 2 tickets will be drawn from the  container. A registrant has two chances to win, but will never be awarded more  than $100 in the year. When registrants active fundraising period has ended they will be removed from lottery consideration. 

    Example: Joe B. is selected in January, and he is awarded  $50; his second entry stays in the lottery, until his active fundraising period ends so that he may also pulled again at a  later date. 

    • 05/28/2015
    • Annapolis Running Shop & ACME Bar and Grill

    As you may or may not know, Annapolis Running Shop will be hosting a fundraiser for Bike Like A Girl this Thursday, May 28th at their shop on Main Street in downtown Annapolis from 4 - 8pm.  They are offering 10% off all purchases, and 5% of every purchase will be donated to Bike Like A Girl. 

    In an effort to increase the support for BLAG, the May T3 will be held that same evening at 7pm directly across the street at ACME Bar and Grill.  For your convenience, I've laid out a solid plan for your evening:

    1)  Stop by ARS and meet the lovely ladies of BLAG as they prepare for their upcoming race from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD. 

    2)  Buy some gear at ARS, and feel good that you're getting a great deal while at the same time supporting BLAG.

    3)  Take the money you just saved, walk across the street to ACME, and have a sandwich (or wings; their wings are amazing...) and a few beverages with your fellow crabs and BLAG team members.

    See everyone at ARS and ACME on the 28th!

    • 05/30/2015
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Dauntless Fitness & Health 836 Ritchie Hwy Suite #14 Severna Park, MD 21146

    There is a place to go to learn better ways to get the results you want. Where is this amazing place, you ask?  At Dauntless Fitness, of course, where research-driven, state-of-the-art exercise and nutrition is delivered with enthusiasm in a private, fun atmosphere.

    After more than a decade working with clients at a large community athletic club, Dauntless was created to continue that work in a smaller, more private setting. Dauntless fully supports clients as they pursue their personal health and fitness goals.

    Dauntless is a community of people committed to taking responsibility for their health and fitness. They know that life ebbs and flows and some days are better than others. "Life is short; have fun."

    Dauntless is also an attitude. It takes dedication to be healthy in today’s culture; to prepare your own food, to create and spend time within an actual community not just a virtual one, to get out of the chair or off the sofa and move more, to be creative with our lives and not simply reactive to the circumstances around us. These are choices to be made every day that our culture doesn't always prompt or support.  

    Dauntless believes regular movement that you enjoy combined with fresh, healthy food is the basis of a strong, vital, healthy and happy life. We know from years of experience that there is no one approach that works for every person. We've all worked through the process of finding what works best for us as individuals and we practice it daily.

    Their TRX program was born in the Navy SEALs and develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. Dauntless has an amazingly talented group of professionals. They’re sure you can find the perfect partner to help you achieve your personal goals. So come on out and and begin the journey to change your lifestyle!

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