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2020 Board of Directors Slate

John Crino | President

Seven years ago, I needed to make a life change before my well-being grew worse. So, without having done a triathlon in 25 years, I set a bold and audacious goal to achieve a lifelong dream that I never thought possible, to become an IRONMAN. That year leading up to the big event, I joined the Annapolis Tri Club which greatly enhanced my training and racing experiences. I learned valuable lessons from club members, enjoyed the comradery, relished the ATC race support, and pushed my abilities by training with fellow athletes. I did fulfill my dream to become an IRONMAN that year, and since then, finished four more IRONMANs, fifteen 70.3s, ran the Boston Marathon, and achieved the impossible by earning a slot to the 2017 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, HI. Yes, Anything is Possible!! In my non-triathlon life, I am a retired Army officer and continue to serve our great country as a civilian in the Pentagon. I have two great kids and a wonderful wife.

Noreen Leary | Vice President (Sponsorship)

I have always been a member of a local gym. I was getting bored with indoor workouts and decided I’d like to try running. I joined the Annapolis Striders in 2009. I started with their 5K training class and slowly progressed to marathon training. I now have too many marathons to count under my belt. As a way to give back to The Annapolis Striders I am now in my 3rd year as Race Director for their 10 mile Cherry Pit Race. I was introduced to the sport of Triathlon at Ironman Cozumel in 2011 when I went there to support my son Scott at his first IM. Everything leading up to race day was so exciting to me. Sitting at the hotel pool one night and having consumed a few too many margaritas I said “ I CAN DO THIS” and do it I did at IMMD 2014,IMMD 2015, IMCH 2016.  I got to IM level with the help, encouragement and friendship of so many members of ATC. I still cannot believe everything this club offers its members for $50 a year. If you want to try something new but your afraid to. this is the club to help you do it.  If you believe in “YOU” then “Anything Is Possible”. I am example of that. I look forward to serving on the Board as VP of Annapolis Triathlon Club for 2020.

Virginia Olson | Secretary (Communications)

I was always tagging along.  My brother-in-law was heavy into triathlon and I would join my sister at his races to support her.  I was hooked.  I entered my first sprint in 2012 and have been racing ever since.  I completed my first 70.3 two years ago and next summer will race with my sister and her husband at IM Wisconsin 70.3 so it is truly a family endeavor for me.  I still tag along, supporting friends and family in the sport as they race all over the country.   Perhaps my greatest thrill was being there for my brother-in-law on his longest day as he competed and finished in Kona in 2015 – what an experience!  I have raced in Maryland at Eagleman and at the Williamsburg and Wisconsin 70.3 races.  I joined ATC in 2016 and immediately wished I had joined sooner!  I am a pastry chef and work as an instructor at Anne Arundel Community College.  I have 6 brothers and sisters, 4 in-laws, 16 nieces and nephews, 3 Labrador Retrievers and a single road bike

Michelle Klein | Treasurer

I graduated from Bowie State University in 2014 with a master’s degree (family nurse practitioner). I have been employed at University of Maryland since 2005, and I'm currently working as an Interventional Radiology Nurse Practitioner. I am a diehard Ravens fan with a weakness for Nutella . When I'm not watching football, or plotting my next Nutella overdose, I am running :) I started running in 2011 as a way to relieve stress while I was in graduate school. I am a member of the Annapolis Striders, volunteer as medical runner when I can, and part of the Annapolis 10 miler committee as the medical lead at the finish for the last 3 years. To date, I have ran 13 marathons, numerous half marathons and 6 ultramarathon (44 miles was my farthest distance). I got into the world of triathlon in August of 2016 where I joined grade school friends in Chicago for our sprint relay. Our group won 2nd place, and I did the run leg. I had so much fun that I considered checking out sprint tris. Katie Bacon, and Noreen who are members of the club had encouraged me to join. So, on my 41st birthday I came to the Try-a-Tri event by the ATC, and I was hooked! I still consider myself a newbie despite having done multiple sprints, 1 Olympic, and hoping to add a half ironman some day!

Theresa SanLorenzo | Membership

I was a regular at a local gym, mainly weight training and had a friend that used to tell me all about the triathlons he participated in. I thought he was crazy! Who would want to swim, bike, and then run?  I rode a bike, but didn’t run or know how to swim.   I started getting bored of the gym life, and my friend told me about a small local triathlon called Lums Pond.  So, I signed up.   I found ATC on the web and joined way back in 2009. I knew nothing about triathlon until I went to a women’s seminar hosted by ATC.   They instructed us on the basics, what to wear, transitions, etc. and was extremely valuable. After I participated in 2 small triathlons in DE, I was hooked and then found a local swim coach, who taught me how to swim. I enjoy the longer distance triathlons and have participated in mostly 70.3 and 140.6 distance races.   I just completed my 7th 140.6 and my 1st stand alone marathon, Marine Corps Marathon.  Being a member of ATC has taught me so much and I still have lots to learn. I work at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Oncology Data Coordinator, my husband competes in windsurfing races, we have two dogs and one bird.

Gabi Redford | Education/Training

Until a few years ago, if anyone had asked, I would have said I was a swimmer, not a triathlete. After swimming competitively through high school and college, I joined various masters swim teams as an adult, and competed in a few Masters meets as well. In fact, it was while I was swimming for the Naval Academy Aquatic Club’s Masters Team that a fellow swimmer invited me to join him for the Bethany Beach Triathlon. I was a total novice – didn’t really even have a good bike – but I did pretty well. Oh boy, was there ever a lot to learn, though! T1, T2, speed laces, “racking” the bike, tri belts, Gu, aerobars, you know what I’m talking about. In fact, I’ve been racing triathlon pretty seriously now for about 5 years and I’m still learning. I’ve raced exactly 20 triathlons now, including three World Championships in the Olympic distance (Rotterdam in 2017, Australia in 2018 and Switzerland in 2019) and two 70.3s (North Carolina both times). I would be so excited to join the ATC board to share what I’ve learned, and to expand on the terrific educational and training opportunities that the club already offers.

Paula Kuruc | Social Director

I started my triathlon career years ago with the IronGirl races in Columbia. Heard about the resources of the ATC through a friend and then joined (2013) to find resources galore and access to just about everything triathlon plus some. I've learned and grown so much since those IronGirl races.  My race calendar goes year round with swim races, 100 mile bike rides, foot races, trail runs, sprints, OLY's, 70.3 and full distance IM's. Completed my first IM Lake Placid in 2018 and Chattanooga in 2019. Finished 5 Marine Corps marathons plus a marathon in Bozeman, Montana. My son joined the Marine Corps which ignited my passion to run but I couldn't stop when he finished his service. Its just fun! My daughter is in the Army so I've done  a few Army 10 milers and countless 13 milers too. My best race so far is Lake Placid and getting to swim with Heather Jackson the next day in mirror lake. She's just the best.  I retired in 2018 and have been training for that next thing ever since. Have three adult children, two obnoxious corgi's, one cat and one fish (that my daughter refused to take to college with her). Love being around other triathletes as they  have the same energy and enthusiasm and they just "get it". Its been a journey and a learning experience and I'm truly blessed to be able to do these things. Its time I give back what I can to the organization.

Kate Dagenais | Race Support

Two years ago I shared a lane at the local pool and my neighbours swim cap said, “...70.3” on it. I asked if he was a triathlete and let’s just say, we chatted endlessly and stopped our Garmins. He introduced me to the ATC and challenged me to try a triathlon. . . and so I did my first sprint triathlon in 2018. I fell in love and that was the end of my full wallet. I bought my first EVER bike from Steve at Bike Doctor and it was like it was Christmas Day. I had no idea how to work the gears and clipping is still a word that doesn’t belong in my vocabulary. I signed up for Muskoka 70.3 that year and panicked in the water where I came home with a DNF. I knew I could do better, and with the support of many members in the ATC, I signed up for Ironman Atlantic City 70.3 and I became a finisher! I didn’t want to stop as it was always my dream to be called an Ironman. A month after IMAC I decided to volunteer kayak for Ironman Maryland 140.6. I’m not sure if it was the sunset, or the amazing race director, but I signed up a few weeks after and knew I wanted Maryland to be the state of my Ironman. While training, I was a new mom, a military wife, in the fire academy, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, became a marathoner and finally Sept 28, 2019 I became an Ironman. The best part? The man who shared the lane with me in the pool, he was there that day- and that’s why this group means so much to me! I’m thrilled to be a part of the Annapolis Triathlon Club, and am so grateful for their support on my journey.

Steve Ruck | Gear

I'm an Annapolis area native, founded Bike Doctor in 1988 in order to serve the community through a store focused on superior customer service and outstanding brand selection. An accomplished racer on both the road and mountain bikes, I built Bike Doctor on my honesty, passion for cycling and commitment to excellence. I look forward to serving on the ATC Board and applying my expertise in the growth of our Club and building awareness of "what we do" for the communities in and around Annapolis.

Max Estrada | Tech

Max began his triathlon training in 1993 transitioning from a running, lacrosse and mountain biking background. Max’s older brother Peter Estrada was at the time an avid triathlete who constantly badgered Max to try a triathlon. Later in 1993 Peter Estrada and a close friend were killed by a drunk driver near Bowie Maryland. It was then Max set forth to honor his brother by completing one triathlon. Max’s first triathlon was a sprint at Anne Arundel Community college in the spring of 1994. He would complete that race and later that year the Columbia Triathlon, Colonial Beach and finally the Spud (now General Smallwood).

Max would become very engaged in Triathlon and also very active with the infamous Davidsonville Saturday group rides that following year. Max would go on to race with Snow Valley in 1995 and compete in five triathlons and four duathlons with results beginning to climb. In 1995 and 1996. Max had invested heavily in training. Max would leave Snow Velley and begin to race for the Bike Doctor franchise in 1996. Between the years of 1995 and 1996 Max was featured in inside triathlon Magazine, Spokes, what’s up Annapolis magazine numerous times. He would go on to be third and  then second in the state rankings for Duathlon, seventh and fifth for triathlon, qualify for the nationals, win several podium finishes. Max would continue his racing with podium finishes in St Croix 1997, become state champion in duathlon. Max would continue to race for years to come earing and defending titles with average 7 to nine races at all distances with aspirations to become a professional triathlete. From 2001 until 2005 he would continue to race while increasing time constraints fatherhood and career forced him to dial his racing and training back. 

Max would retire from triathlon in 2006 altogether frustrated from lack of time as a single father and injuries sustained when he was struck by a car while riding. He would take this time to focus on them and his career as a computer networking professional, In 2009 with his children now older he would return to the sport not as concerned with rankings or times but as passion. Max continues to race to this day with an average of 7 to 9 races of different distances every year. He has long since lost track of the numbers races completed since eclipsing the century mark so many years ago. Max’s racing adventures have taken him up and down the east coast, out west, the Caribbean and even Europe where he would ride the French Alps with Trek Travel. Max has also unfortunately been hit by automobiles suffering severe injuries. Most importantly, Max has developed lifelong friends, the utmost of appreciation and gratitude for the sport of triathlon. He often volunteers at races, loves to do his part to grow the sport and encourages new comers to the sport in many ways.

During Maxes racing career he raced with the Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team from 1994 to 1995, He raced for Team Bike Doctor from 1995 to 2017 and currently races with The Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis Ambassador Team, Max also maintains a active membership with the Annapolis Triathlon Club keen on keeping ties with the large community of athletes and talent.


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