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We believe triathlon is more than just three sports. It's a healthy, fulfilling way of life! Come join us at our monthly happy hour or one of our training sessions to find out why we are a great community.

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Board of Directors

Jeff Lancaster | President

Triathlon and the Annapolis Triathlon Club started on the same day for me at the Nanticoke Triathlon in May 2010.  This was my first triathlon that I had trained for months upon months.  I finished (barely) and that was start of a new obsession.  That same day I met Dave Mathes and Gus Curtain who were wearing their ATC kits and thought “I really need one of those”.  So I joined that week and began group rides and T3’s and that’s where it all began.  As for racing, I set a goal in 2012 after my second Ironman to get to Kona by the only method I could and that’s through the Kona Legacy Program.  As of the end of 2015 I have one more to become eligible which will put me up to 12.  As Race Support I hope to help all the racers and their families and friends have a place to come relax, get out of the sun or weather, get something good the eat (not Gus – Most likely Royal Farms fried chicken) and some tasty beverages.  Hugs will be available  upon request….See you out there!!

Steve Ruck | Vice President (Sponsorship)

I'm an Annapolis area native, founded Bike Doctor in 1988 in order to serve the community through a store focused on superior customer service and outstanding brand selection. An accomplished racer on both the road and mountain bikes, I built Bike Doctor on my honesty, passion for cycling and commitment to excellence. I look forward to serving on the ATC Board and applying my expertise in the growth of our Club and building awareness of "what we do" for the communities in and around Annapolis.

Noreen Leary | Treasurer

I have been a member of the club since 2013. Before joining I was, and still am an active member of the Annapolis Striders.  When I joined the Striders around 2009 I could not run, period. I signed up for the Striders 5K training class and from there progressed through 10K, half and Marine Corp marathon training. I don't track how many races I've done but I have competed in several marathons. In 2011 I became co-race director for the clubs 10K Cherry Pit race. I was introduced to Triathlon at Ironman Cozumel in 2011 when I went to watch my son compete in his first Ironman.  To cut a long story short, it starts with me getting drunk on margaritas and loudly proclaiming "I CAN DO THIS" and ends 4 years later at Ironman Maryland proving myself right.

Kristjana Cook | Secretary (Communications)

I’m a former professional actress, and tap-dancing through a 2 hour musical was the only endurance exercise I knew.  I had a director request that I lose a few pounds for a play, and I figured that running was the “easiest” way.  Ha.  But the first time I ran a mile without stopping, I was exhilarated!  Running became a way to see new towns when on tour and to be alone in a crowd.  A friend talked me into the Annapolis 10 Miler in 2002 for fun and from then on, races became pinpoints throughout life changes: leaving theater, marriage, pregnancy, and now raising 3 little boys!  My husband Casey did a sprint triathlon in 2012, and watching the athletes that day I thought, this looks great!  All I need is a bike and to learn how to swim...  Nine months later I was on the starting line at the Columbia Triathlon.  What a surprise to see people in ATC gear that day! I had no idea there was a club of these crazy people right in my town.  Now Casey and I do all we can to talk friends into training and coming to race with us... After all, it takes guts to race through a Sunday morning in skin-tight spandex with our ages marked in sharpie!  My boys have even been convinced that trophies with the word “Masters” on them means that their mom is REALLY cool...

Chris Owen | Education

In my personal life I am wife to Danny and mother to Emily and Glen. In my professional life I am a Nurse Practitioner. I have worked in surgical intensive care units for over 24 years with open heart patients, burns, trauma, education and now vascular surgery. I have always used exercise as a way to keep my sanity. Back in 2004 I became a spin instructor and really loved the high it gave me. In 2006 some friends who were runners said “hey lets all sign up for Iron Girl Columbia”. I said sure even though I didn’t really know how to swim, didn’t own a road bike and had never run a race. There it began… I took swim lessons, did some research, and bought a bike and some running shoes. I trained by myself.

I didn’t join the IRONCRABS until about 2012 and didn’t do anything with the club because I was intimidated by all the IRON people, until I volunteered for TRI for the Environment. I realized that everyone started somewhere and that everyone was willing to share and help encourage me to get to where I wanted to be. I also realized how fun training with others can be! Since my start in 2006 I have done 30+ different kinds of races like sprint distance TRI, Olympic, half ironman, aquabike, 5K, 10K, half metric marathon, half marathon, duathlon, adventure races and probably a few I have forgotten about.

I am excited to be part of the board and hope to add plenty of educational opportunities and fun along the way.

Michael Ryan | Gear

I never considered myself an athlete, although in a previous life I was a competitive skateboarder for much of my youth. A former pack-a-day smoker and professional couch potato, I managed to accumulate an extra 50lbs and qualify for the official BMI “morbidly obese” rating. So in my late 30’s I started mountain biking and eventually road biking. Around 6 years ago my daughter wanted me to run the 5K at her school, so I figured I would give it a go. That happened to be the same period as the first TriRock Annapolis (2011) and after being egged on by some colleagues, I jumped in the pool and promptly swam a whole 12.5 yards before running out of steam; talk about starting from ground zero! TriRock, a sprint distance event, was my initiation into the sport. After I recovered from the embarrassment of wearing my wetsuit backwards right up until start time, I finished the race and quickly fell in love with the sport. Since then I’ve participated in over 30 events including 14 Ironman 70.3s, the USAT Olympic National Championships, multiple half and full marathons, bike races, and various other events. Recently I was lucky enough to place 4th at Ironman 70.3 Arizona and qualify for the 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championships. I’ve even been lucky enough to swim in the Panama Canal! I truly believe we are capable of so much more than we realize; we simply need the right combination of encouragement andx support to escape our comfort zone.

Erin O'Brien | Social

I got into triathlons 10 years ago on a whim when my sister called me and asked me to do Irongirl Columbia with her. I bought a bike off of ebay and, five weeks later, completed my first sprint triathlon. Something about the challenge of the race combined with the camaraderie of the participants got me hooked. Since then, I’ve completed lots of different local races from sprint distance to 70.3 and met many great people through the sport and the Annapolis Triathlon Club. As a mom of young children and a middle school teacher, I’m usually stressed out and low on time. However, I love that the sport of triathlon keeps me motivated to get outside, exercise and connect with my friends all year long. Having a race or two on the calendar and some workout buddies definitely helps me stay on track. I hope that, through social activities with ATC, members will meet great people with whom to train, race, and enjoy the sport!

John Crino | Membership

Four years ago, I needed to make a life change before my well-being grew worse. So, without having done a triathlon in 25 years, I set a bold and audacious goal to achieve a lifelong dream that I never thought possible, to become an IRONMAN. That year leading up to the big event, I joined the Annapolis Tri Club which greatly enhanced my training and racing experiences. I learned valuable lessons from club members, enjoyed the comradery, relished the ATC race support, and pushed my abilities by training with fellow athletes. I did fulfill my dream to become an IRONMAN that year, and since then, finished three more IRONMANs and several 70.3s, ran the Boston Marathon, and achieved the impossible by earning a 2017 Kona slot. Yes, Anything is Possible!! In my non-triathlon life, I am a retired Army officer and continue to serve our great country as a civilian in the Pentagon. I have two great kids and a wonderful wife.

Chris Kaplan | Technology & Website

My love for triathlon started the way all love affairs begin - with a running injury.  Rather than kick me out of the house my wife bought me a bike.  Then one day while I was riding I thought "you know if I could just learn how to swim I could do that triathlon thing."  That was three years and nearly 30 races later including a 70.3, 50k, and small collection of Marathons and half marathons.  Along the way I picked up an RRCA Coaching certification and a real appreciation for the importance of this club.  Whenever you endeavor to make changes and extend beyond who you are in order to become who you want to be, a support system is the secret sauce - and a club like this offers all that and more.

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